Added the 4 parks I checked out in florida to the skatespots page. The legendary Kona Skatepark, Team Pain's St Augustine, and south FLA's West Palm Beach.

The last park is Team Pain's brand new masterpiece Oviedo. This park just opened up in late July and might be the best park on the east coast. A new park in Orlando just opened up last weekend and the locals were saying that was going to be better so I will have to wait and see.

Put up the 3 parks I checked out in Colorado. Its about damn time a Grindline park showed up on this site. Check out Trinidad. I was also lucky enough to sneak in a session at the Vans park in Westminster before if closed. Denver was the other park I checked out on that trip.

Busy month. I went on trips to Colorado, Florida, and Michigan. I have over a dozen parks to add to the list. Stay Tuned!

Three more skatespots put up today like I promised. Clairemont, Fontana, and Upland. Now on to the Colorado parks.

Don't worry, I haven't stopped updating the site again. I should have three more Cali skatespots added by tomorrow. Next is on to the Colorado parks I checked out recently.

Breen Rourke sent me these photos of an old maryland ditch called Still Waves. It is supposed to be filled in with rocks now. I am going to try and check it out this weekend to see whats up.

Added the PalaPipes to the skatespots page.

A group in DC are building a bowl using all recycled materials. On Saturday June 28th at 9pm in Arlington, Virginia they are having a benefit with some bands. Go check it out and help the terrain spread. Check out the flyer

Added the Hesh Bowl to the skatespots page.

Tim Cline sent me some new old photos of the falcon. I am really really stoked when I get stuff like this. Check em out here. I think Tim is getting ill in 2 of them. Go badger him on the messagebored about his get up. His name is microedger

I went ahead and put the new skatespots in place. Sucks for you if its slower. I gave you the chance to let me know and since no one really said anything I take it that its not much slower.

I also added two new spots. Palaround and The Pink Square have been added. Check them and get pisssssed. More spots comming soon.

I need some help out there from you people on dial up connections. I really want to go ahead and make the switch to the new skatespots page but I do not know how much of a bitch it is going to be to load. What I need is you to clear your cache on your browser and go to the New Skatespots page and see how long it takes to load. Next I need you to clear your cache again and go to the Old Skatespots page and see how much faster that loads. Once you have done that email me at riskus[at]criticalthrash[dot]com and let me know the difference.

I started to redo each spots page today by adding a new spot in the new format. Check out Milwaukee's Four Seasons skatepark.

Messing with the skatespots page even more. Check it now at startpage5 and let me know how long it takes to load with a dial up connection.

I also redid the links page a little bit to go with this page and the tentative new skatespots page.

Playing with a new layout for the skatespots page. Also looking at new colors. Go check out startpage4 and let me know what you think. Keep in mind it is not even close to working yet. Most of the links dont work properly.

Posted a bunch of shitty photos of the bowl bash on the messageboard.

Updated the links page.

Messageboard is back up. The database was fucked. I dont know why. Hopefully it doesnt happen again. Everything that was posted after midnight is gone though.

Got back from the bowl bash tonight. Met tons of twisted dirty bags and moped ar ound. Tooks some photos that I will be getting back tomorrow and posting on the messageboards. Eventually, I plan on writing a shitty attempt at an article on i t and combine it with some junks and put out a paper zine too. Maybe I will get it printed on toilet paper.

Bowl Bash VIII
May 30-31, 2003
Go there. Go here or here for updates.

I made some code changes to this page so the shit will look better regardless what size your window is. Let me know if you see any problems with my shoddy coding.

Salba has his own page now. Go check it out or get SARS. salbaland

I scanned a bunch of shit tonight. First article comming soon. I post some of the pics on the messageboard first

Well I'll be fucked. I am actually thinking about working on my site. I have tons of photos, some dating back to last year, to scan and put up but I am lazy. Site redesign coming maybe... for now check the links page. It is a work in progress.

I have been slacking on the site. My car has been busted for close to a month now so that slows me up some. I should have some new pics of riverdale and skatopia up pretty soon aswell as this new ditch I was directed to the other day. Stay tuned for that.

I got this video made by Brian Lilla today. Its done in all super-8 and is mostly pool, pipe, and hill riding. It is a lot like fruit of the vine and probably is just as good. I suggest you get a copy by emailing super8skateflic@yahoo.com.

When I went to the shady grove ditch last saturday, I met a local ripper named Tom. He showed some blatant localism pulling out too many trick to keep track of. I really would like to see him skate something bigger.
Check the photos.

I went and checked out a new ditch yesterday. It is called the shady grove ditch.

I put up the Towson Ditch on the skatespots page.

I got a 35mm slr camera this weekend and I took my first pictures with it while on the most recent hellride. This was my first experience with film. I added thenew photos to the 4 day Hellride page.

Towson pictures go up tomorrow

I went on a pretty crazy trip this weekend. Check out the pictures here: 4 day Hellride

Tomorrow I will put up a new ditch and update a few spots.

I few weeks ago I went up to philly to skate. Here are a few pictures I took that day.

I was informed that there is a link for my site on the Gravis Footwear website. I wonder how they find out about my little site.

A week ago I went to Asbury with Scott Greene and I took some of my best pictures yet. They still might not be professional or whatever but I like them. Check them out.

My site is also a "featured link" on www.teamgoon.com. I think that's pretty cool.

I went to louisville on saturday and took some terrible pictures. Go here to check them out.

The unknown skater from this photo emailed me today. His name is Richie Wireman. Not only was he one of the guys getting the highest in the fullpipe, he also took some rad pictures. I put them up in the bowlbash directory. Here is a link to them: Wireman's BowlBash

I put up FDR on the skatespots page. Go see what you are missing.

Tim Cline gave me some pictures of The Falcon while it was still an open park. These are the first pictures I have seen where the park is still intact.

I redid the Assburly page with all new pictures. Go check it out.

I need a new logo for the site. Piratical Skates finaly started using the skull, that was created for him anyway, and I do not want to have the same logo. So if anyone out there wants to draw something up, send it to me and I might use it. I might make stickers and shirts and use your graphic.

I put some pictures of the Skatoia Bowl Bash up in a directory for your viewing pleasure. I might make a web page for them eventually. For now check them out

Anyone want to submit anything to the site like article or pictures? Send what you have to me and I will put it up.

Check out www.fullpipe.com for some nice pics of the fullpipe at skatopia.
I put some new entries in my journal today. Lets see if I keep it up. I will probably throw some photos in the entries tomorrow.

The wanchese bowl is almost finished. They need about $4000 to buy the skatelite and then its done. I have already skated this bowl twice and it is amazing. Please help these guys out. It it totally worth it. Send donations to:

Marc Corbett
639 Vista Lake dr.
Manteo N.C. 27954

Added two pictures to the bart bowl section.
Put up two more pools in the skatespots section.
The Dawn Pool and Tims Pool

Big update today. Four spots added. One set of fullpipes and three pools. ASSbury, The Blue Monster, and The Fish Bowl
Thanks to Scott Greene for sending in the pics of the pools

PHP was upgraded on the server so if you could not login to the messageboard earlier today that is why.

Added Louisville to the skatespots page.

Jaime Stowers and Turning Point Productions put up a site to promote there videos, Plorida Fools and Stuntwood Junkies.
Go there are check it out and buy the videos. They are well worth the money.

I added two more spots to the skatespots page. The Black Lungs and The Falcon
I also added some new picture to the rotation on this page today.

Holy Shit! a new update! It has been 2 months since the last one. I have been making a lot of changes to the messageboard so go check it out and let me know how bad it is.
I will be adding a couple new skatespots the next few days so be on the look out.
I updated the wanchese page to include new pics of the nearly finished bowl. Send them some damn money so they can get the skatelite put on. It only has plywood on it now and it is already one of my favorite bowls.
I added Skatopia to the skatespots page.

I nameserved the messageboard so all you have to do to get there is type messageboard.criticalthrash.com.

I added Skater Island to the skatespots page.

I added the wanchese bowl to the skatespots page.
They are looking for donations and help to get it finished. Contact Mark at mhc@beachlink.com for more info

I added two new spots to the skatespots page.
memorial ditches and newburyport.

Put up the news section today. This is where I will post about any new changes to the site or other things I think you should know about
Changed the splash page.

I added the Vans skatepark in woodbridge, Virginia to the skatespots page.

redesigned and restarted the messageboard. Go there and leave me some feedback.