This is my friend Josh Olliegrind's site. Check out the journal and collection.

Used to be Dan Rea's site. One of my favorite spots on the whole interweb. I check it a hunderd times a day waiting for that update.

Rob Nelson is a badass and so is his site. Outer Banks rocks.

This place is for all us pool perverts

Skate Anarchy!

Philly based zine. My inspiration for this site. Although mine couldn't hold a candle to Joey P's site.

The name of this site says it all. The site is updated regularly.

Website of the best magazine without naked chicks in it. Sick video on this bitch.

Regularly updated site about pool skating. Lots of good photos and video.

Not a magazine yet, but sick none the less and updated all the time.

Lots of places to skate on here.

If you are looking for skate videos, this is the place for you. Cheap and fast. Mikendo is the man.

Screaming Lord Salba's site. Do I need say more?

This place was my first experience with concrete and transition. History, man, history.