Hellride 7/5/02 - 7/8/02

Crail slides are my favorite trick. Roach does them good.

another crail

Frontside air

Roach with a nose blunt into the deepend

josh gets some coping

Good ole heckler with a frontside grizzind

Peter Gun has sick style. Layback grind.

I love this thing

Another layback by josh at riverdale

I was wondering if anyone would ever drop in off the manhole

Bakers first fs in a pool

i like this pic because you can see the pool

my favorite photo at asbury this day

Here is Bakers first air

I think he needs to do this at every spot

same trick different spot

Roach got this the day before


Peter Gun can skate anything

Another wallride the hardway

Poor Josh has to follow Guns wallride pic

This was the last trick of the 4 day session